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The Swag is Here!

Limited numbers of LBBS tees will be available at Ribfest.  Shirts are guaranteed to boost your IQ by ten points and your charisma by a factor of 3.  Our definition of “guarantee” might vary from yours.

Shirts are $20 and help us cover the extra costs of running Ribfest this year.  Stop by Booth 13 – Up in Smoke.

A Celebration of Barbecue

The Lake Bluff Barbeque Society was founded in 2001, when five neighbors decided to pull their smokers onto the Lake Bluff village green, to earn bragging rights and decide who could produce the best ribs.
The event has blossomed into an organized annual event, including 20-25 teams, led by Lake Bluff residents, and viewed by many in the community as a reflection of what is truly different and great about Lake Bluff.
The event is always held the first Saturday of October and attracts around 100 actual participants, and between 500 and 2,000 spectators.
Years of Ribfest
Dollars Raised for Charity
Slabs Served
Happy Eaters

How to Reach Ribfest

October 2, 2021

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